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Implementation &


One on One Ableton Coaching 

$120/hr for one individual session

Whether you are starting with years of experience or none, this is a great option to learn Ableton with your goals and vision in mind. 

Ableton Project Creation

Individual Project

$75/song (you provide stems) with markers, locators, midi and time code automation.

o Great for your large experiences or to create a master file to pull from.

Weekly / Monthly Projects

$400/m (you provide stems) with markers, locators, midi and

time code automation following your service flow for seamless

transitions in your experience.

o Great for weekly curated experiences or if your church enjoys changing the arrangement of songs week to week. 

Resource Creation

$35/song for individually exported files (including individual part/master/click/guide) to give your volunteers that will help them come into any experience confident and prepared for excellence.

o Great for maximizing volunteers time, opening rehearsal for more relationship building, and overall confidence boosting.

Playback Tech

$350/day + travel expenses. Tanner will create the Ableton project that will synchronize your team for any experience/event and run it for you. With the ability to play keys/guitar/bass he could also run as a band member if needed.

Template Creation


o Great for anyone who uses Ableton on a weekly basis and needs a streamlined workflow to save time and energy.

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