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Our Coaches

Our dedicated team of coaches are called to serve the local church, through years of experience focusing on creative, worship, production, and leadership needs. What are you doing to lead yourself and your teams better?

We can help!​


Meet Your Coach

Joshua Paul


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Coaching Areas

Building & Stewarding Culture
Development in Worship Leading
Relationship Between Music & Production
Songwriting Processes

Joshua serves as the Worship & Creative Pastor at Sun Valley Community Church in Phoenix, AZ. Joshua is responsible for weekend programming culture across six physical locations and online, including high influence in creative and production ministries.
With thirteen years of vocational ministry experience leading in various positions at churches ranging from mobile church plants to the top ten largest in the nation.
All following a five year career of touring full-time across three continents and over a dozen countries.

Tanner Thornton


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Coaching Areas

ilding & Stewarding Culture
Ableton Implementation & Training

Tanner serves as the Worship Pastor at TriStar Church in Knoxville, Tn. Tanner is responsible for shepherding group leaders, developing worship and production teams, and weekend programming that accomplish the vision of the Church.
Currently finishing up his M.A. in Theological Studies, he is passionate about connecting the creative process with biblical truths to build a foundation of gospel-centered worship.
With more than a decade in ministry, Tanner has served in various roles of worship ministries of all sizes.
His passion to equip the church is deeply rooted in the example of those that God has allowed him to learn from. 

Dillan Howell


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Coaching Areas

ilding & Stewarding Culture 
Effective Leadership for the Creative Mind
Service Programming 
& Creative Processess
Volunteer Structure (recruit, develop, retain)

Dillan has been in full time ministry for 16 years.

Over those 16 years Dillan has served on staff from church planting to creative leadership positions in a couple of the largest churches in America. During those years Dillan would have the opportunity to produce multiple Christian conferences like Catalyst Conference and Original Conference.


Today, Dillan is the Founder and CEO of WKND Ready.

His passion is to take church leaders from A to B through creative and innovated ways that betters the leader which ultimately leads more people to Jesus through Creative, Worship, and Production ministry.


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